Activ RallySport hoping to bring Dytko Hyundai to Australia

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hyundai-150.jpgJustin Dowel is hoping a new breed of rally car will be coming to Australia in 2015, with Activ RallySport (in partnership with Ralliart NZ and Dytko Poland), using a Hyundai i20 Proto.

Dykto, a Polish company, manufactures their own Hyundai i20, Volkswagen Polo and Peugeot 208 proto rally cars with a WRC-style body kit and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X running gear.

Dytko Hyundai i20 rally carThe cars are assembled and prepared in New Zealand by Chris Little and Ralliart New Zealand.

2011 Australian Rally Champion, and Activ RallySport boss, Justin Dowel, said that the cars would add a new dimension to Australian rallying.

“The Dytko Proto cars that we’ll be bringing to Australia will be using 6-speed sequential PPG gearboxes and Exe_TC suspension, and will be very fast and incredibly exciting to watch,” Dowel said.

“We expect the cars to be very competitive, and hope these cars will bring a whole new dimension and future to rallying in Australia.”

Dowel hopes to be driving one of the Dytko Hyundais himself in 2015, whether it be in Australia (if new technical regulations are passed) or in New Zealand, where these are cars already competing .

Australia continues to lag behind the majority of the rally world with the current 4WD competition regulations, and Dowel believes it’s time it moved forward if it wants to have a relevant and exciting future for 4WD rally cars in Australia.

Expressions of interest in running Dytko cars in Australia should be directed to Activ Rallysport via their Facebook page , or by calling Justin Dowel on 0407 380 049.


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